Friday, October 30, 2015

Fun with Animals

Ever since I was little, I've always enjoyed drawing animals.  I would draw cartoonish animals all the time and would make up characters for them.  It has just always come so easily and naturally to me.

I have a child who really loves pigs.  My children just love when I give them some of my artwork for their birthdays.  So this year, while tight on money, I decided to set some time aside to make an interesting pig for this child.

I haven't painted in a very long time--think over a decade!  I have also only used watercolors before maybe twice.  But I really love to paint and decided to give this piggy some color with watercolors.

My sweetie really loved her pig.

Just Some Sketches

I have not really taken the time to draw in a long time.  With so many children who need my attention, it's rather a hard thing to do!  But several weeks ago when I had a migraine, I had the opportunity to draw for a little bit when the pain started to subside.  I lay in bed and was just thinking of my children and of one of the Scriptures we are memorizing right now.

I am hoping one day to create some sweet pictures with scriptures on them.  These are just some very quick sketches I did while not feeling well.

Another Completed Portrait

A while ago I finished another portrait commission.  This time I was asked to make a portrait using several different pictures, all of which were not high quality.  It's always best to send a high quality digital image!  This will yield the best results for your portrait.

This sweet lady wanted to gift her neighbors with a portrait of their daughter.  I really enjoyed doing this one.  It takes many hours of work to make a portrait like this.  They were very pleased with the results!

I think sometime I will have to try painting portraits and see how that goes.  What do you think?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Latest Finished Art Portrait

I have finished an art portrait that I thought I'd share with you.  (You can click on the pictures to make them larger).  These portraits take hours and hours to complete.  I always enjoy drawing new people and strive to get the lines, shadows, and other details just right.  After the children go to bed, I sometimes make the time for creative pursuits like drawing.

Here are a couple of pictures of the portrait in progress:

A little more work done:

 Here is the finished portrait:

If you'd like to order a custom portrait drawing from me, you may do so here.  If you want it in time for Christmas gift-giving, the time to order is now!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Picture of a Horse in Stages

My children have taken a liking to receiving drawings that I have made for them for their birthdays. One of my daughters really likes horses, and so for her birthday, I wanted to draw her a picture of a horse. I had made a quick sketch quite some time ago when I was trying to give myself some time to draw in the evenings (only 30 minutes).

 To this sketch, I added some more details and shading, and blended. I gave it to her for her birthday, and it now hangs on her wall. I think it turned out okay, but I would have liked to spent more time on it. It was getting too late though!

 Here are the pictures through the stages:


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sunflower Paintings

It has been about 15 years since I painted a picture.  And even then I have only painted about three pictures--one in watercolor (a still life), and two acrylic paintings based on photographs.  But placing color down on paper with paint and brush just comes easily to me, for which I'm thankful to God.

I was recently asked to paint a mural of sunflowers.  Not only has it been many years since I've painted, but I've also never painted flowers, nor painted on a wall.  I had to practice a little bit before I took on this task.  I stayed up too late the night before attempting sunflowers and leaves.  I had bought a couple of Donna Dewberry books awhile ago to see if that could speed up the process of painting for me, but I have to say I like painting in my own way much better.  Her process just makes it harder for me, but maybe for someone who doesn't know how to paint, it would make it easier.

So here is my first attempt at painting a picture after 15 years.

With camera flash

Without camera flash
I painted these freehand (without drawing first), and tried to do the petals using Donna Dewberry's technique.  They turned out okay but not great.  I did a couple of other practice paintings, but haven't uploaded the pictures yet.

In the morning when my children saw the pictures, they clamored over who could have one.

I have started the mural but am taking a break now to get back to my homemaking, child training, and teaching (we are doing school through the summer).  Those things can't be neglected.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Albino Burmese Python Snake Painting Updated with Pictures

I have updated my Etsy listing of the Albino Burmese Python with more pictures so you can see the detail.  This painting took me about 3 months to complete, and was my first real attempt at painting with acrylics.

Update:  This painting is no longer available for sale.